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CheerUpp initiates a life improvement program for the purpose of happiness in everyone’s life know as Life Buddy .

What is Life Buddy

“Life Buddy is a professionally structured result oriented program for individual and group which helps you to find valuable insight about yourself personally and emotionally design to achieve priority goals of life”


Key Fundamental Principle of Life Buddy Program.

  1. Works on Mentor Coaching Technique.
  2. Works on Self Directed Learning.
  3. Every individual has the potential inside.
  4. Everyone has the Answers Within themselves.
  5. Everyone has the resourcefulness.
  6. Positive Reinforcement
  7. The whole person paradigm
  8. Organized Support Structure.

Role and  Responsibility of Life Buddy.

  • Evaluating individual’s core nature and helping them in dealing with emotional and psychological challenges.
  • Help you in overcoming mental and emotional barriers that prevents you from succeeding.
  • Life buddy helps you discover what you truly want, what activities you enjoy, what makes you more comfortable, and what your true values are.
  • Life buddy works as a mentor for you as life buddy is experienced in some area of life, and will guide you to succeed in life.
  • Life buddy is your biggest fan, believes in you and knows you can succeed. When you doubt yourself, when you’re scared, they are always there to remind you of how awesome you are.
  • Life Buddy has a healing presence, as they are skilled at one or more healing modalities, like energy work, stress relieving activities.
  • Life Buddy helps you in finding what actually makes you complete and works accordingly to fulfill your desires.
  • Life Buddy acts as a partner for you. You can talk over plans with your buddy. Buddy is always there to help you in a crisis. Buddy helps you to keep working steadily on your desired projects which eventually give you sense of achievement to pursue happiness.
  • Life Buddy takes you on a journey in understanding life deeply, gain wisdom, be happy, have inner peace, become more enlightened about your own life.
  • Life Buddy shares different and unique practical information about how to achieve “What belongs to you “

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