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CheerUpp is an organization who’s philosophy is to inspire society to motivate everyone surrounds or live around him.


CheerUpp believe when every individual start motivating himself to spread happiness among the society, happiness will find his way back to each and everyone who believed in spreading the same which will eventually reduce the stress level.


Stress has become a very integral part of human life. Effecting your life and your surroundings without being getting noticed. By the time someone realized about its effects, it had already became your way of living.


Stress not only causes mental illness but also effects you physically, and we also understand peaceful soul can’t be achieved without healthy mind and body.


Individuals living in the society are so busy in earning their livelihood that many a time they have forgotten to even celebrate their happiness. Happiness not only depend upon money, marks, increment, promotion or success however a lot of things depend on what you do with that???
CheerUpp initiates an environment where everyone believe in spreading respect, joy, love and happiness as no one or society is perfect.


CheerUpp helps you in finding your true happiness and motivates you to help other’s in finding their own happiness.


“Happiness is the right of humanity”

News and Events

Article 1/ Can Money Buy You Happiness

Article 1/ Can Money Buy You Happiness

“Happiness is often compared with the level of success in life”   However success is not ...
Articles 2/ Evolving Yourself by 7 Doors of Happiness

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