Article 1/ Can Money Buy You Happiness

“Happiness is often compared with the level of success in life”


However success is not the only parameter of being happy in life. Many a time highly successful individuals also can’t find their true happiness in life. Even after achieving their name, fame and money. The World has seen many examples of those and still in this modern era many a time people achieving so much in their career and life, misses this part of life.


Then a question arises in mind if even success can’t make you happy what else will??


Success in this modern society has being evaluated with money. In this modern society, when all human race is working very hard ,  day in and day out to earn their life hood , serving their family by earning money somehow have forgotten the real purpose of this resource.


MONEY was introduced for trading purpose by which people can buy or sell things. Initially money was used for buying necessities which can comfort us in your life. Later it was started using for opportunities. Money is a resource which used to create opportunities, Opportunities to evolve in life.


Opportunities to produce sometime for the family, friends or the society where we are living in. Making our own world a better place to live.


However in the modern society it represent success and power  with a sense of doing various things, may be correct or sometime wrong , knowingly or unknowingly. . Now the time have come wherein people are even trying to buy “Happiness” from it.


Then again one question arise can money buy happiness???


Yes, it can buy you happiness, if it is spend on “Evolving yourself” to be a better individual, no matter if you have more or less.


Nothing in this world is constant except one thing and that is change.


“Evolving Yourself  by 7 Door of Happiness ”

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